about me

hello!! im mr. paranoias agent or charlie and some people call me bog so thats an option too. i use he/it/they (anything but she if you feel like it :]) i do all kinds of art, trad, digital, i write and play music (bass and gutair and i dabble midi). im an anti-capitalist big communism and socialism enjoyer. one day ill probably post my pol comp. i dont really have a dni if yo u dont like me youll probably leave soon enough lol. i named my site after the anime paranoia agent. i struggle with a lot of paranoid thought and delusion so i thought it would be funny if i was mr. paranoias agent, the person who serves under mr. paranoia and does his bidding. and i couldnt think of any good persona themed ones.../p>

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the persona/smt series has been my special interest since i was about 3 its one of my favorite things ever!!(as u can tell by this website) ive also been obbessed with bungo stray dogs for the past 6 months lol. akutagawa is my alltime favorite for that series (also probably why i love beast so much) i plan on making some bsd graphics for my page since there arent that many :[ i also love anything satoshi kon, gundam/gunpla, black lagoon, lain, centricide, planetes, and basically any slice of life or real robot lol. my favorite bands are destroy boys, the cure, bauhaus, vision video, car seat headrest, speedy ortiz, hop along, metric, the appleseed cast or any breakcore mix ever.

i think if i had to list my top 5 media rn itd be

  • smt (as a franchise)
  • bungo stray dogs
  • sayonara wild hearts
  • any satoshi kon film
  • early 00s and 10s media
  • gundam
  • quizes

    What Neon Genesis Evangelion Character Are You?
    Your Eevee will evolve into...
    Your Result: Glaceon
    Name: Glaceon, the Fresh Snow Pokemon Type: Ice Colors: icy blue, water blue, teal Info: Eevees usually evolve into Glaceons when in cold weather. They are artistic and like to decorate homes with pretty ice sculptures. They can control the temperature of their body and freeze their fur into sharp quills.